Animal Communication

Animal Communication

Animal Communication helps deepen your understanding and grows your relationship with your animal companions.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is a way of talking with animals using telepathy.

Each one of us is born with this natural ability. When we are small, we saw animals as being no different from ourselves. We are able to speak their language. But as we grow older we are taught to speak using human languages. We reduce using telepathy. We are also taught animals are less intelligent and inferior to humans and are unable to think, feel or make choices for themselves. We reach a point where we stop using telepathy and forget we possessed the ability to communicate that way. Animal Communication simply operates on a more focused and intentional use of telepathy.

How does it help you or your animal companions?

Animal Communication helps deepen your understanding and grows your relationship with your animal companions. A consultation can help you:

  • Find out what they need to be happy, comfortable and content
  • Understand each other and deepen your relationship
  • Understand their views and experiences of illness
  • To know what their wishes are in regards to death and dying
  • Adopt new companions and making them part of your family
  • Find out the reason behind strange behavior
  • Heal trauma from injury, illness, death or grief
  • Communicate with their spirits after their passing
  • Understand and support their needs through grief and anticipatory grief
  • Prepare them for relocation
  • Prepare them for changes in the family structure

Our animal companions are amazing teachers and healers. They give us unconditional love and understanding. It is a great gift to our relationship with them when we can hear them, love them and understand them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you communicate with animals?

  • Using Telepathy.
  • When we ask them a question, we receive the response in the form of words, pictures, visions, thoughts and emotions.
  • We relay the information to their human companions in an understandable format.

How do I book a consultation?

  • Please email or use the Contact page to set up a consultation.

How much do you charge for a consultation?

  • We do this for free. We love all animals and this is our way to thank them for being great healers. We treat them with respect and compassion.

What modes of consultation do you provide?

  • We provide consultation via telephone or email.

What information do you need in order to provide consultation?

  • We need the animal companion’s photograph, name, age and sex.

Will my animal companion give out my secrets?

  • We follow a strict code of ethics and maintain complete privacy.
  • Our interest is to help you develop a better relationship with your animal companion.

Can Animal Communication cure my companion’s illness?

  • Animal Communication is NOT a substitute for good veterinary care. You should always get medical help for illness.
  • Animal Communication helps you understand how to support and care for them during their illness.

Do you help track lost animals?

  • We do not help track lost animals but we can put you in touch with a team of Animal Talk volunteers that do.